Genesis Does NOT Hold the Contract With UHC.

United Healthcare Contracts Directly with Providers and NOT Genesis per UHC Policies.

Genesis’ Relationship with UHC:

Genesis as an NCQA-Certified Credential Verification Organization is Delegated to Perform Credential Verification and Ongoing Monitoring in Accordance to Relevant Regulatory Guidelines.

Genesis Currently Has NO Control Over Obtaining Effective Dates For UHC Products.

Genesis is NOT Involved in Contracting with Wellmed. You Will Have to Go Through UHC To Enroll in Wellmed Plan.

United Healthcare

      1. How Genesis Members Can Contract with UHC.
      2. How Genesis Members Can Reach Out to UHC Regarding their Network Issues, Effective Dates, etc. See Contracting with UHC Products Below. 
      3. How to Enroll with Wellmed, UHC Managed Medicare Products, Managed Medicaid Products, etc. Guide
      4. How to Access your UHC Fee Schedules.

Genesis does NOT hold the Health Plan agreement directly with United Healthcare. Per United Healthcare’s policy, they contract directly with you as the Healthcare Provider. They do delegate the credentials verification and ongoing monitoring to Genesis. You MUST contact UHC (Michelle Antisdel at or call (952)202-7101) with any and all topics outlined below: 

  • If you have United Healthcare Contract questions.
  • If you have United Healthcare Network questions, please contact United HealthCare via the following:
  • UHC Network questions may include:
    • Fee schedule requests
    • General contracting questions:
    • Network availability and product participation
    • Status of provider/contract load
    • WellMed related contracting and enrollment questions
  • Need support for UHC provider portal, claims, prior authorization or eligibility and benefits? Sign into the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to chat with a UHC service advocate.

If you have demographic updates to your practice, it is absolutely essential to follow the below 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Support Desk (office locations, phone numbers, Tax IDs, credentialing contact)
  • Step 2: Please sign into your CAQH profile and update your demographics.  

In 2022, UHC introduced the Exchange Network as a new offering. Providers chosen to participate received notification letters along with an Amendment to their contract. UHC selected the providers included in the Exchange network through direct agreements with those providers.

Key Points to Note:

  • UHC’s selection for this plan was specific and not open to all providers.
  • If you haven’t received communication about this plan, you are not part of the in-network.
  • Regrettably, Genesis does not have the capability to enroll you in this plan.

Please note that the current enrollment period for the exchange plan has ended. UHC conducts an annual review of the network and will send out amendments to selected providers for inclusion in this plan.

Use the following link: